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Fall 2023 and later events!

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I Want A Cocktail Claw

Rentals Starting at $950

What Is A Cocktail Claw?

The Cocktail Claw is your unique and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to engage your guests in the funnest way possible... A Claw Machine! As kids we ALL loved playing the Claw, now it's time to bring adult fun to our favorite game growing up. 

The Cocktail Claw team delivers the machine and is monitored at all times by the Cocktail Claw's experienced team. The machine rental is two hours. Be the 1st of your friends to have the Cocktail Claw at your next event!!

Having Fun_Playing Pic
Long Line Wedding everyone is fascinated
Long Line_Ballroom
New Best Pic Dec 11 2011_Inno Holiday Party 1
Guest Playing_Outside Black Shirt
Long Line Outside
Happy Claw
Guest Playing_Multiple bottles
Couple with Claw
Guest Playing Outside
People with Claw
I want it!
Bang Bang bridal show
Inno Holiday Party 2
Bridal Party + Claw 2
Bridal Party + Claw
bride model happy
Bride drinking 2-Edit
two pretty bridesmaids
Screenshot_20221003_141818_Instagram (1)
Cocktail Claw at Wedding
Green_Standing Around Machine
Having Fun_Kid_Grandparents
Claw Machine Wedding
  • Who is responsible for the machine during the event?
    We are! A Cocktail Claw team member will be with the Claw Machine the entire duration of your event and dressed to the occasion!
  • How does the Cocktail Claw work?
    The Cocktail Claw combines the best memories as a kid to the 'adult' world we all try to live and conquer! It's simple. Choose a package that best fits your needs and the Cocktail Claw team will pre-fill the Claw Machine with your favorie products. The claw is engineered to pick up and grab your favorite party favors in small, fun party bags that can be emblazoned with your events name!
  • Which event locations accept Cocktail Claw?
    The Cocktail Claw is accepted at ALL private parties and most event halls that host events with an open bar. The Cocktail Claw team will execute a partnership contract with the event hall prior to the event contract with you!
  • Setup/Teardown
    Claw Events will deliver, setup and remove the Cocktail Claw from the Event Venue. Claw Events requires access to the Event Venue at least 60 minutes before the event and 30 minutes after the event for setup and takedown. Host is solely responsible for verifying that the address for the Event Venue provided on the Order Form is accurate.
  • Placement Requirements
    The Cocktail Claw shall be set up in a reasonably accessible location with level ground. Client agrees to provide: (1) a minimum 6’ x 8’ area for the Cocktail Claw; and (2) 110V, 20 amps, 3 prong standard electrical outlet within 20 feet of the designated area.
  • Who Purchases Alcohol or Cigars & Who Pays for This?
    Cocktail Claw is a rental machine that is used as an extension of your existing alcohol package at your individual venue. Guests that attend your party don't necessarily have to play Cocktail Claw to win any prizes as no prizes are awarded. Your guests do not win alcohol as a prize. For private parties, the host purchases alcohol from a third party retailer with Cocktail Claw and is not purchasing alcohol from Claw Events. The host or host party pays for the miniature bottles and has the option to have the machines come pre-filled for the event on your behalf!
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